Thursday, November 03, 2011
raisin bread & apple butter
Our CSA box this year has been bountiful. Paul I and kind of play Iron Chef with it, seeing what we can concoct in new and wonderful ways. Some weeks, when we go out more or eat over at friends' houses, we end up having leftover produce that spills into the next week or two. So last night, I was looking at our overabundance of apples and squash and assorted greens and decided to do a clean out. The results were as follows:

1. A delicious Swiss Chard and Butternut Squash Stew with Navy Beans

OK, this was less liquidy than a stew - more like a stir fry. I roasted the squash chunks while I sauteed some onions and garlic with the chard stems. Then added some chicken stock and salsa and the beans. Then I wilted in the chard leaves and tossed in the roasted squash. Nice and spicy and earthy, and we scooped it up with tortillas.

2. Apple butter in the crock pot.

Awesome, and better than store bought or even farmers market! I love eating tart apples raw, but the sweeter, more mealy kinds I've gotten to be less a fan of. So I've been slow to eat the local selection that's been in the last couple of boxes. So I peeled, cored, and quartered four large Rome apples, plus a Golden Delicious a little past it's prime, and a Granny Smith just to give a tart kick. Dumped them in the crock pot with a bit of vanilla, and cooked them on low for about 6 hours. Then I mushed them all up and added some brown sugar, cinnamon, & allspice, and left the crock pot on all night. This morning, there was a beautiful pot of brown goodness to smear all over the raisin bread I baked last night.

3. Steak with beets and potatoes

This is not really an experiment, as we are all about the roasted beets in our house. The way they taste a little sweet and a little like dirt (but in a good way). And the way they pair perfectly with crispy roasted potatoes and a nice hunk of grilled meast. I'm salivating as I type.

All in all, not too shabby!


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