Sunday, June 26, 2011
test kitchen...
This weekend was another of nesting and de-stressing. Which seems to mean that I spend half of it experimenting in the kitchen. The results:

1. Homemade bread & butter - I love the baking thing. Rising dough is still kind of magical, as I used to have the hardest time with yeast (the key, according to my friend Alex, is to keep trying and give the yeast time to get into your environment...the longer you bake in a place, the better your baking will be). So today was a basic yeast bread done on the baking stone. The new oven cooks faster on the stone, which I think is an airflow/temp regulation issue, and need to keep adjusting for it. I also had some heavy whipping cream left over from a recipe this week, so that got shaken into butter. I love homemade butter. Love.

2. Marmalade - this time it was Valencia oranges (thanks in heaps to my great-uncle Skipper for sending us some of the last ones of this season from his grove) and a lemon thrown in for good measure. A bit more tart than Paul likes normally (I love the tartness) and not quite bitter enough (the Valencia's don't have much pith), but altogether pretty tasty. We'll keep tweaking it.

3. Bok choy stir fry - got the bok choy in our CSA box (have I mentioned how much I'm in love with our CSA?) and added it to the usual recipe for mongolian beef. Delish!

4. Best coleslaw ever - I forget where I saw the recipe this was based on (it was for a chicken salad slaw), but it's essentially a mayo, garlic, lemon juice and lemon zest dressing with shredded cabbage. I also made homemade mayo for the first time today. This is mostly because I generally dislike mayo except when it's an ingredient, so I don't keep it around the house. (Our friend Paul the Fifth thinks we're the only household in the south without a jar of mayo in the fridge. This may be true, but then I am married to a foreigner.) The process of making mayo wasn't as scary as I thought, and actually tastes better that the premade stuff. Anyway, the slaw is amazing!


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