Sunday, May 01, 2011
this weekend in the test kitchen...
We ended the weekend with a success rate of about 2 for 4. Luckily the two that turned out well were the two biggies. (Really I should know better than to multitask in the kitchen while trying out new things.)

1. Marmalade

Meyer Lemon and Blood Orange. I ran across a recipe online and had to try. It was actually really easy, you just have to pay attention to the temperature. Ours got a bit hot, which made it extra thick, especially once it spent a few moments in the fridge. But I love the beautiful purple bits and the more-tart-than-usual taste. And with an Aussie in the house, we are particular about our marmalade.

2. Kale Chips

These seem to be the biggest new fad in crunchy snacks among my health-nut friends, and I keep seeing them pop up on websites this spring. Sadly, with all the other cooking going on, mine ended up spending too much time in the oven and came out more like Cajun Kale Chips (aka, blackened). Not sure if I'm really a fan anyway. They seem either too salty (can that even BE such a thing?) or too chewy. I think I'll stick with potatoes for chips, and save the kale for other goodies.

3. Calzone

I decided to try out a new dough (the Jamie Oliver pizza dough), and made a double batch, planning to bake half and freeze the other half. But while it was rising, we made impromptu dinner-party plans and ended up with a half-dozen people over for a casual meal. We ended up cooking all of it, and it was perfect! The chicken sausage and feta one might have been my favorite. I can't taste it again to give a definite answer because it's all gone. The answer should be right there, shouldn't it?

4. Juniper berries

Paul was experimenting with the idea of steeping dried juniper berries in water to create a kind of tea, so that our abstaining friends could have all the flavor of gin in a refreshing beverage without the kick. Yes, we feel sorry for those that must be denied the goodness of gin. No, we do not recommend this particular method, as it may drive away even the most faithful friend. No one wants a drink that tastes like you soaked twigs in it. And so the experiments continue...


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