Friday, May 06, 2011
at long last... wait has come to and end.

My wool arrived today.

This has been about six weeks in the waiting. Paul's been wearing ties to work lately (yes, a bit unusual for a metalsmith, but he does like to class things up a bit), as well as out and about. And he's a big fan of knit ties. He has a couple of nice ones that were his dad's, and another couple of wool ones that we try to keep away from the hungry mouths of moths with mixed success. With all the knit ties coming out lately, you would think it would be easy to find a gray one and a black one. But no. They're all sort of wrong. Or completely synthetic. So he requested a gray knit tie. After a bit of research and rejection of existing patterns (I love that people out there are knitting ties, but I've found most of the results to be a bit naff for what he's looking for), I decided it wasn't that hard to draft my own pattern based on one of the ties in Paul's collection. The yarn was found (merino/silk blend laceweight), ordered, and backordered. And backordered again. The wait was interminable and I tried to spend some of the time drafting the pattern details, but that didn't take long. More waiting. And finally today the wait was over.

Now it begins...

(side note: Yes, I am completely boring. I am fully aware of this.)


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