Thursday, April 14, 2011
4 weeks in...
Lent. I decided to give up sweets for Lent this year. After past habit-breaking success in previous years, involving potato chips and Web MD (Nemesis!), I've come to appreciate the 6-week season of self-discipline. I grew up in a family where you had dessert on special occasions, not everyday. We are salt-fiends that would rather forgo dessert and have a bowl of popcorn later. But lately I've been feeling unsatisfied after meals without a little sweet somethin-somethin. Paul and I can plow through a pack of chocolate biscuits or lemon cookies like a couple of champs. Definitely a habit to break for the sake of my waistband and for my tooth enamel. Enter the Lenten Challenge...

The rules were set as follows:

1. No dessert. Or desserts masquerading as a snack.
2. Oatmeal cookies still count as dessert, even though oatmeal is a breakfast food
3. I'm allowed a small slice of Wedding Cake, since it's bad form not to eat cake at a wedding and we had friends getting married in March.
4. I'm allowed something sweet with my bubbly on our March 30th anniversary.
5. I'm allowed dark chocolate in moderation. As in, 1 oz square from a bar of chocolate.. Not as in chocolate covered anything.

And I've got to say I've done well. In the face of our friends' new tradition of getting a slice of cake from the local bakery on Fridays (I will be with you after Easter!). And in the face of the box of donuts at work (I get so hungry at 4:30!). And in the face of strawberry rhubarb crumble.

I did, however have some key lime pie when we were visiting friends in Georgia. Key lime pie is my weakness. However, I didn't actually have dessert on our anniversary (due to the luscious cheese board), and it was only a week later, so I'm going to let that one squeak by.

Other than that, it hasn't been too difficult. I'm craving salt again, which is my normal. And then I found this...

homemade twix bars!

Wow. I'm going to go ahead and put this on the baking schedule for after Easter.


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