Saturday, January 01, 2011
I'm a bit of a list-maker. I enjoy breaking things down in steps, and I like the little sense of accomplishment of crossing items off once they're done. Admittedly, sometimes a list will include things I've already finished, just so there can be a few crossed-off items...a long list is less daunting that way.

I have an ongoing list of things I plan on accomplishing in the near-to-distant future (some tiny and immediate, and a few large life-goal-esque), and occasionally something gets crossed off. Mostly, I like seeing that I have plans, aspirations, and things to do when I would otherwise be bored (not that I feel that way often...I've always been good at entertaining myself).

So with the new year of looming large on the horizon, thoughts naturally go to the list for 2011. It's long, in a wishful-thinking sort of way, and quite specific at times. Most things will continue on to the 2012 list next year without a second thought, but I like the idea of identifying a few attainable goals to set the tone for the year. I like to think of them as Lifestyle Goals rather than Resolutions. So for 2011, here are my baby-steps:

1. Up the Style Quotient.
- Cull clothing down to what I really wear
- Only buy new clothes if they are classic or really awesome
- Break out of my rut by trying new pairings and accessories

2. Boost the Health.
- Water, water, water (and this means actually drink it, not just have a glass or bottle handy)
- Take my supplements (especially Omega3's and B's)
- Posture/strengthen my core (yes, exercise in general, but I've been been feeling my 30's this year and need to focus on basics)

3. De-stress the Environs.
- Reduce the clutter so we can enjoy what we have more (i.e. get rid of sorting boxes and don't just stick them in the closet)
- Organize what's left in an attractive way
- Keep things tidy & reasonably clean (especially the kitchen)

4. Be a Financial Dominatrix.
- Keep within food budget (a weakness with two foodies in the house)
- Contribute to savings/retirement (even though funds are shorter this year)
- Pay off car loan and one student loan (on schedule to to this by end of year)
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