Wednesday, December 15, 2010
stringing along...
I've been seeing lots of felt garlands (like this one on Purl Bee) and have been wanting to make one this year. But honestly, all the cutting of little felt circles does not fill me with holiday excitement at the moment. After all, this year I'm all about planning things early and letting the chips fall as they may. In the end, the colorful Anthropologie catalog that came in the mail (from which I was otherwise regretfully uninspired) and my newly excavated 1" hole punch led me to create a compromise (which turned out quite well with very little time invested)...

Step 1: Punch a whole bunch of 1" circles (or whatever size punch you have) out of colorful paper. I liked that the catalog pages were matte and had different colors on each side.

Step 2: Thread sewing machine with desired color thread (I used a limey green). Sew across center of one circle, keep stitching into air for at least another circle's width before adding next circle. Keep going until garland is desired length or you use all your circles. (No worries if you don't sew straight through center of'll still look good.).

Step 3: Put on tree. Love it!

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