Tuesday, November 30, 2010
i'm just a hat and feet...
The drive back from NYC was of epic length due to post-holiday traffic and inclement weather. I might have been a bit cranky by the end of nearly 15 hours, but that was mostly due to the fact that I don't like knitting in the dark. We listened to some P.G. Wodehouse and Hamish MacBeth, however and that kept things going.

But earlier in the drive, I finished these little guys to go with the blanket for Amanda & John's baby*.

*I have recently been informed that this baby's name will indeed not be Ambrose. Paul and I are devastated and are considering boycotting use of the new name altogether (whatever it ends up being, in favor what we feel is his rightful name.


Monday, November 29, 2010
I managed to finish knitting and sewing up the second of my houndstooth gloves on our drive up to NYC for Thanksgiving.

Which was a very good thing, since it was fa-reezing up there. We had a great time with friends...lots of yummy food, lots of chilling and watching sunsets, an awesome hat shop, and a little bit of sight-seeing.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010
the warming of hands...
I have several pairs of fingerless gloves that I wear most of the winter. And one great pair of possum gloves that my in-laws sent me from New Zealand, which are totally warm, kind of kitschy, and about to wear out. Since we're in for another cold winter, I thought it was probably time I made a pair of actual gloves that were a bit more polished, but still warm. And what says this better than houndstooth? I have a bit of a love-affair with menswear patterns - pinstripes, tartans, argyles, tweeds, etc.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010
the perfect lasagna...
It's been years since I've made lasagna, but it was always a favorite in our house growing up. And leftover lasagna was even better! So I made a little one (should've used my mom's habit of always making two at a time and freezing one for later) and added frozen (thawed) spinach and thin-sliced zucchini to the mix. And while there's no such thing as a bad lasagna, this one came out a clear winner. A sprinkling of herbs on top made it the most beautiful hot, bubbly thing to ever come out of this oven...



Sunday, November 14, 2010
there and back again...
Do you ever feel like you're surrounded by pregnancy? Maybe it's just the state of affairs when you're thirty. So, the latest to join the pudding club is my college roommate and her husband. Paul and I are determined to get them to name this baby boy Ambrose (his father's middle name, and probably the best middle name in history). This blanket will be for him. It's a diamond cable pattern that I charted for myself when not quite able to find the right cable for the blanket I had in mind (I'm a cable-knitting freak, but very particular). Which led to me starting from scratch and designing the blanket in it's entirety. The project has traveled with me halfway around the world and back again, and was finished while watching the entire series of Firefly. I've even devised my own new cable techniques in the process. Now that's it's blocked and the pattern is opened up, I'm so happy with it and proud to give it to little Ambrose when he arrives. Maybe a matching hat will be in order as well...



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