Saturday, April 24, 2010
english muffin...
Me: "Hey, which side of the diagonal does the red go on the Union Jack?"

Paul: (consulting his t-shirt) "I think red comes first clockwise. Why?"

Me: "Oh, I'm making some undies... "

Paul: "Nice tailoring. Tim Gunn would be proud."

I'm off to a lingerie party/shower at Va Va Voom tomorrow for our friend Jessy, who is getting married next month to Paul's good friend Marc, who is English. I want her to be able to get something she picks out at the party, but I have this problem where I can't just give someone a gift certificate...I want there to be a little something to open. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find union jack undies in the US! OK, maybe I'm the only person who doesn't believe it. I ran across some online the other day, but didn't have time for the shipping from the UK. But nothing else would satisfy. And so my first foray into making underwear was a success. You are very welcome, Marc!


Sunday, April 11, 2010

All my little seedlings are in their big-boy pots, ready for the post-frost weather (I'm hoping we don't get that chancy late-April cold snap this year...some of those soil-filled pots are HEAVY!). I replanted some of the radish and mesclun thinnings, just to see how they do. Now I'm only waiting for the May Herb Festival to fill in the blanks!

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Saturday, April 10, 2010
In honor of the first official sunny weekend of the spring, we spent an invigorating morning, hiking up a mountain on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Halfway up the hill, we heard shuffling leaves, and stopped short, startled to see a 4 ft. tall turkey gamboling along about fifteen feet away, just off the trail. He was setting quite a pace, and we followed him for a bit.

Of course the sight of him (and, eventually, several of his friends), plus the vigorous walk, made our stomachs all growly. Once we reached the summit, we dug out our picnic of Chik-fil-a! Oh, yes, Paul and I are very resourceful...have chicken, will travel. We got a few funny looks from the boy-scout troop that passed us as we merrily munched chicken sandwiches and salads, seated on a fallen tree. They wished they'd thought of it first...

A slightly less strenuous hike down the hill led us to the same spot where we'd seen our former companion. It was like the turkey parade as they worked their way down the slope in pairs, well camoflaged, yet so close! Paul galantly held onto the trail while I stalked them through the trees. Obviously in a former life I was a skilled huntress. Well, perhaps not, since they seemed to not really care that I was there unless I got just a hair too close. Then I got an earful of gobbling. But I like to think that I wouldn't have had to be a vegetarian by default back in the days before Trader Joe's.

Off to go shower now and get gussied up. We're off to the Opera to see Carmen tonight! (Toreador, en garde! Toreador. Toreador...)


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