Saturday, February 27, 2010
i got a bit antsy...
...about gardening this year. So back when it was still snowing a two weeks ago, I started a bunch of seeds indoors. Mostly, it was in reaction to the insane winter we've been having this year. I need some green! I don't think I'm really fooling nature by starting too early, but I think she'll be kind and allow me a bit of a headstart on the spring crops.

Tons of basil, rarin' to go, just as soon as April decides to get warm.

Miniature planter of lettuces for very tiny salads.

And the peas can stand the cold, so I got them in the ground (we'll, pot actually) as soon as the Farmer's Almanac would allow. Everything else can wait a few weeks. I've gotten my fix.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010
My argyle gansey sock:

Only a few more inches to go. The argyle texture doesn't really show up as much as I'd hoped (probably due to the heathered yarn), but I'm liking the overall effect.

Hmmm...should probably write down the pattern so that the second one is at least similar...

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Saturday, February 06, 2010
maybe it's the cold weather...
but I have this unrelenting compulsion to knit socks. Tiny little needles and a tangle of skinny wool yarn. The latest pair will be a gansey style, featuring a panel of argyle diamonds, with textured columns and cables on each side of the leg.

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