Thursday, April 16, 2009
the lure of green things...
Yesterday I got out my green thumb prosthesis...

The fire escape gets full sun for most of the day, so I'm loading it up with herbs and veggies. It's only just past the last frost, so I'm taking a gamble with the tomatoes and peppers, plus, I'm starting a TON of basil and cilantro, since I tend to use tons of it fresh all year and freeze pesto for later.


Monday, April 06, 2009
where there's smoke...
Just got back from my college roommate's wedding. A huge beautiful weekend full of activities...loads of fun, saw a few old friends, have several new friends now, got to dance a good portion of my stress away, and remembered that not much tastes better than a Krystal burger or two after midnight.

The highlight for everyone was the fire alarm that went off in the middle of the ceremony...and in true theater "the show must go on" fashion, it did. We'll probably never know what set it off, but we bridesmaids made the most of it, by getting photos with the fire truck.

So this hectic weekend wasn't really much of a honeymoon for Paul and I, but we both had a fantastic time, especially stealing the dance floor at the reception. For all the fun, though, we were both in agreement that the way we did it suited us just fine...our own terms, low-key and intimate, and nary a panic-attack in sight.

To John and Amanda, all the best forever, and thanks for a memorable weekend! Love you both!


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