Tuesday, February 24, 2009
this moving thing...
...is hard work! I've been through childhood memories, important paperwork, household furnishings, and general junk, and the process is much more mentally taxing than I expected. I'm towards the end now, and part of me is ready to claim a victory over my inner pack rat. Genetically wired into my makeup, just like my blood type and my love for Dr Pepper, the urge to save things is strong...I like to think of myself as the archivist of my own life. Trying to keep the truly meaningful, while weeding out the extraneous is a task that is extraordinarily daunting. And curiously tied to my current position in life. I try to sort with an eye to the future, hoping that the things I keep now will be the things I'll want to have later, a mishmash of a legacy. Making peace with the fact that I'm giving away or throwing out bits of my past is my way of facing the future. My future...which has both happy and sad changes in the works, and will be an ever-evolving thing -- never exactly the way I expected, often better. And so I carefully label the boxes of "chosen ones", half-wondering if those things will ever be unpacked, or if they will make a nice stack of archive boxes in a closet somewhere that gets peeked into every few years as I feel nostalgic.
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