Wednesday, December 17, 2008
T-minus three lemons. And completely delicious.

Lemon curd is way easier than I thought. I used the recipe here (though my lemons are rather large and I only needed two) and it really took about 15 minutes all up. Makes me dream about living in a cottage in a tiny English village and making fresh lemon curd to serve with muffins when the vicar comes to tea.

Hmm...need to find a vicar...


Monday, December 15, 2008
itchy fingers...
I've been on a knitting spree again the past few days. It's the hobby that i always come back to, and am always surprised at how much it stimulates and relaxes at the same time...and provides justification for watching an entire series of Project Runway or The Office in one sitting.

This morning, inspired by my fun new reading glasses, I made this little guy...

I'm also finishing up a pair of socks, a scarf for the bear we got Paul's new niece, and am planning a reversible cable striped scarf that I can take on the plane with me when we head to OZ (bamboo needles, small balls of shouldn't be a problem).

(I have to note that I'm at the coffee shop, and there's a college student asleep on the sofa across from me. As in, he and his girlfriend are cramming for exams and he keeled over on the armrest and is snoring a tiny little snore. So peaceful and childlike...and I'm sure he'll be totally embarrassed when he wakes up.)


Tuesday, December 09, 2008
when life gives you lemons...
...make limoncello!

Dad and sister came up from Florida bearing a bag of home-grown Meyer lemons last week, and last night was the night for them to meet their fate. First up were the Moroccan preserved lemons. Five days in a jar sliced up with salt and juice should make some tasty additions to recipes and possibly a really yummy dessert (but that's another project Paul's got in the works...very top secret).

Next up was the famous limoncello. Zester in hand, twelve of the orangey-yellow fellows were stripped of their dignity and are now infusing away in the cupboard. When we get back from Australia, the batch should be all set to sweeten, just in time for spring afternoons on the patio.

I have plans for the rest, which will include buttermilk cookies and lemon curd...and maybe I can sweet talk myself into another batch in the spring.



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