Thursday, August 02, 2007
filling in...
So I've got all sorts of holes in my teeth now. Patched nicely, so far as I can tell, but as the novicane is finally wearing off I feel like my jaw has been electrocuted. Probably because it was. The worst part? They make you pay for it. Before you can talk out of both sides of your mouth. Before you can feel your tongue. Before you can keep from drooling all over yourself. Before you even have the consolation Chik-fil-a, which is your God-given right after having invasive procedures. The nerve!

I really do love my dentist, though. He explains things in specific detail; not just what he's doing, but the why behind it. And I've always wanted the answer to the why question.

The other realization I came to today is that no matter how much I think living in the past might've been exciting, I'm completely thankful to be living in the age of modern dentistry and anesthetic. I really could stand not having running water, but the fact that I get to keep all my teeth without a great deal of pain is worth putting up with all the unneccessary hassles of modern life.
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