Wednesday, July 18, 2007
about the same size, really... a bread box, that is.

I gave in to the pull of the bright red paint and the stainless steel handle and the thoroughly modern lines. Despite the complete lack of need for a bread box (I tend to keep the bread in the fridge so it doesn't get moldy before I get to enjoy it), I simply had to have this little guy. And surprisingly, I really did need it. It's become a handly little home for the coffee and the butter and the nutella and the bag of corn tortillas that will outlive us all. And it's so pretty, see...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007
quite a boon...
After work yesterday, Paul and I made a spur-of-the-moment visit to Goodwill. And the gods were smiling down upon us from on high as we walked in and immediately set eyes up on a slightly dented, but perfectly serviceable filing cabinet (just what I've been looking for cheap) for $4! And then...what does Paul behold but a $10 bike, which underneath the dust turns out to be a Fuji. Scuffed a bit, but in basically great condition except for flat tires. $10! Snapping up these treasures plus a few new and interesting CD's and a couple of perfectly fitting and stylish skirts, the dent in the wallet was hardly $25. Quite the haul. I've picked up a can of green spray paint. That file cabinet's begging for it...

Wednesday, July 04, 2007
thank you, founding fathers...
...for giving us an excuse to take a few days off from work and eat outside while watching stuff explode. I took a long weekend, just like much of the country's workforce, and got to spend a lovely several days up in Asheville. As a bonus, Paul was in Davidson last Thursday and Friday doing a photo shoot with Clair, so we've actually spent the past entire week together! Crazy, no? The longest stint since the trip to Australia last winter. We've been chillin' out max most of the time. Travelled up to Kentucky to celebrate Tipton and Harriet's first anniversary. Bonfire at his parents' farm and camping out in the feild by the stream. Lazing the day away andwaking up in the morning to his mom's famous cheese grits.

Of course there was then all that work we did helping Alex finish her patio and deck stairs in time for the barbeque. So we've been moving earth and stone for the past couple of days. And I assembled a porch swing. And helped catch a mole (poor little fella was so tired after pushing up all those stones!). But it was all worth it as we grilled up steaks and clams on the rebuilt Aussie barbeque and the huge crowd gathered to menge. And the strawberry shortcake! Did I mention that? Mmmmm...

Alex's crazy neighbor that crashed the party and ate most of the clams got preachy about the dangers of the sparklers. Which of course made everyone much more inclined to enjoy them. And now, I'm much too full of food to continue...


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