Monday, January 30, 2006
get this monkey off me!
This cold is really kicking my butt. I had a mega dose of antibiotics nearly a week ago, and they should start to take hold soon. But the good news is that we are done with inventory at work finally, and I could take a couple of days off to recover. Should be good to go by tomorrow, so long as I can veg out in bed with a trashy book all afternoon.
Sunday, January 22, 2006
it's medicinal...
I thought I'd defeated this sore throat, but several days later I still feel miserable. I was at a party in Asheville last night, and was part of a group of people extolling the virtues of DayQuil, and complaining of the drink-water-then-pee-then-drink-water-then-pee endless cycle. Apparently the cold is going around up there as well, and misery loves company - especially when they're all wearing fun hats.

Thursday, January 12, 2006
my favorite thing
One word about inventory so far...Ewww.
Wednesday, January 04, 2006
Most new years start out feeling pretty much the same as the last, and I feel like we try to place this artificial sense of renewal on it. But for some reason, this year really feels different. Perhaps because I spent the weekend of New Year's with a new(ish) group of people (yay for swing dancing in Asheville!), then moseyed on to Atlanta where I spent a short visit with Amanda talking a lot about new beginnings and life changes, and now get to spend the rest of the week with family in FL. It just feels like a clean break from the last year. Things will most likely go back to feeling the same way all over again, but that's not necessarily bad. Changes these days are so gradual that I can only see them from some distance. Jim once told me that from age 20 to 25, we change as much as we do from 15 to 20, and that after that things slow down a bit; we congeal a little more. So maybe since I'm at the 26 year mark, things will slow down a bit? Not if the first week on 2006 has anything to say about it...


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