Saturday, December 03, 2005

The first weekend of December is always Christmas in Davidson - a street festival downtown with carriage rides, living nativity, choirs, Santa, and of course, the Dog Fashion Show. It's really such a fun time, and I'm so glad that this year Wooden Stone really go to participate. We've been so busy that I've barely had time to enjoy things up the street, but I did get to visit the camel that I made friends with last year and see a puppy dressed as Elvis. And I sold a painting in our art auction. Or at least I will have once the bidding closes tonight. It's a study of my red teapot, blue sugar bowl, and cow creamer that I plan on doing much large as soon as things get less frantic. Or when I have a day off that isn't spent in recovery. It's funny, but I the whole time I've been hoping that Herb doesn't wander in and see the sorry excuse for painting I've been doing lately. I'm enjoying it, but I know it isn't pushing any envelopes, mine or otherwise, and certainly isn't a defined body of work. Maybe after the new year I'll join in on a figure drawing class at the Icehouse or something. Something to stretch me.
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