Monday, February 28, 2005

Ahhhhh! Nothing much to really say...I'm just enjoying my week of rest. The Royal Shakespeare Company moves into my house at the end of the week (well, the assistant directors, anyway), so I've managed to pack up all the stuff I'll need for three weeks and will be squatting for a bit. But I hardly think I'll notice, since March will be busy and pretty much fly by.

Oh, and a very Happy Birthday to Britt! And to great, great uncle Kenneth on the day before tomorrow (leap year, that is).
Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Exhausted after five days of buying for the gallery (one more left!), we've left the Philadelphia show and have begun to conquer the Baltimore. My brain is pretty much fried from the overwhelmingness of so many very talented artists under one roof...well, two roofs. It'll be exciting to watch everything arrive back in Davidson, because I can't even remember what we bought the first three days.

We delivered Bill's bed to him since he's living right here in Baltimore, and it turns out that he's a huge Jamie Cullum fan as well (due to the year he lived in London), and so we're planning to maybe go see him at the Louisiana Jazz Festival in April. But meanwhile, I'm enjoying the new (to me) old tracks from a rare CD of his from 1999. Thanks, Bill!
Monday, February 14, 2005

A Happy Valentine's Day to all!

Friday night was the gallery's first artist visit since the guest house was ready, and the event went really well. As to the house, well, let's just say that the heater picked the most inconvenient time possible to stop working. So we woke up Saturday morning to sub-50 degree temperatures -- brrrr! But Libby was a good sport and luckily there were lots of blankets. And to further my luck, I'd planned on visiting the Squirtus at Furman until Monday, which was the soonest the heater could be fixed, so I really didn't have to brave the cold long at all. When I got back today, the heater was in the process of being fixed, and that poor little thing heated the house back up super-fast. And so all is well for now.


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