Thursday, December 16, 2004

BRRRRRR! It's Freezing here! Literally...not just for poor little Florida girl me. The grass was frozen this morning, and now that the sun's going down, it's dropping to below 32 again. Now is certainly not the time to be licking poles. Actually, it is the time to be making gingerbread cookies. I'm currently lacking a gingerbread man cutter, so I'll have to select from the array that I do have. Hmmm...I'm thinking bats would be fun, especially as they are an underappreciated mammal most of the year. I think most of my friends know the story of when we had a bat in our freezer for several months, but in case I left anyone out... I was teaching tennis one summer during high school, and one of the kids found a bat that had flown into the wall of the racketball court and killed itself. When mom picked me up (yep, not driving yet), and after the kids finished chasing each other around with it in a paper cup, she asked if she could take it home for her preschool science group. They regularly study bats in October, so the bat had to be preserved somehow, and found a home in a ziploc bag in our freezer. Which made trips for ice cream extremely exciting, to say the least. But we learned not to be surprised at what we found in the freezer after that. And so, in honor of mom's endearing eccentricity (and unsurpassed dedication to science) I'll be whipping up some gingerbread bats this evening. :)
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