Saturday, May 29, 2004

i'm looking for a fresh start in the upcoming week. the jessie will be home for the summer (yay!), and the change will lend a new flavor to things. the past week or so has continued to be rough. the whole family was down for the funeral, and we all mourned granny again -- this time together. and a bit irreverently at times. well, maybe more than a bit. and in the midst of it all, i received that dreaded letter saying i didn't get the job in greensboro that i'd really been hoping for. that's really put a damper on this past week, as i start the job search all over again. i'm more disappointed than i thought i would be. it seems the longer i waited to hear, the more excited i was about the prospect. alas. but things are somewhat stable here, and i'll just have to continue on in this vein for now.
Sunday, May 16, 2004

it's been a rough week here. my granny (dad's mom) passed away wednesday night after a few days back in the hospital. although she hasn't really been able to communicate much in the years since her stroke, she seemed to be waiting until all her children were with her before drifting away. and since then, there's been quite a bit of (in the words of my little cousin, river) "celebrating granny". she seems to have left quite a legacy of stories...and, it turns out, quite a few marriage proposals.


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