Friday, October 31, 2003

Happy Halloween!

in commemoration of this day, i'm reading seven spiders spinning by the wonderful gregory maguire. it's a kids book, but he also wrote one of my favorite books, which is also appropriate...i highly recommend wicked. honestly, what could be better than the life story of the wicked witch of the west? very little.
Wednesday, October 29, 2003

well, i got back home yesterday, only to find that things can go on quite well without me. my tour of the carolinas was great, though exhausting. highlights include:

1. hanging out with the squirtus and enjoying all the fun that furman has to offer...fireworks at the homecoming carnival, coffee with live music, and the brand new library addition.

2. being in davidson at the right time to see the debut performance of Frankenstein: The Rock Opera, co-written by fellow dc classmates and hopefully headed to broadway. quite the unexpected treat!

3. driving through thick pillows of fog to spend time with my winston-salem friends...and shopping at world market. (florida really needs to get with the program...I miss it so!)

4. the jack russell terrier we met, named elsa. maggie's still the cutest, but elsa wasn't too bad herself...
Thursday, October 23, 2003

i left mom in good hands with dad, and am up in greenville, sc, visiting the squirtus. we've been eating yummy thai food, playing with her friends, and working on a super-secret project. but it's so weird for her to have to go to class...i forgot all about that part of college!
Monday, October 13, 2003

maggie (who, by the way, is also feeling much better) got a new little addition to her doggie door today...

she, of course, adores her new doormat. well...if she noticed it, she'd adore it.

more pictures of the pup and her mat here.

mom's been home for several days, after a week or so of touring local hospitals, and is finally starting to feel a little better. i'm sure it's all those design and cooking shows we've been watching. it'll be hard for her to go back to work and not see them. thanks to everyone who visited or sent their love...


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