Thursday, September 04, 2003

just got back from taking the squirtus back to furman for her junior year. she's an advisor for a freshman hall, so they had to go back early to decorate the hall and get ready for orientation. man, it takes me back. i miss that excitement when you come back after a summer away, and everyone is glad to see everyone else for a few days, even if they never speak again that term. it's a time so filled with promise and the best sort of uncertainty.

and since greenville is a mere 2 hours from atlanta, it was perfect timing to visit amanda for a few days before she returns to ostrava, czech republic for the next year. i suppose she's flying somewhere over the atlantic as i type this. best of luck, my dear! it's hard to fit a year's worth of conversation into three days of face time, but i'm determined to be better about regular contact with everyone this year. plus, we also fit in some good movies, including frida, which i can't believe that, as an artist, i hadn't seen earlier. also, we've got a book in the works (just brainstorming so far). hmm...wonder if i can justify not having a new job yet by saying i'm becoming an author. something tells me that's not quite going to appease...
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