Saturday, August 16, 2003


it seems wrong for me to have a little sister who is 20. forces me feel older than usual, and try to counteract this feeling by consciously regressing. at least i have some good company in which to do so, even if she is going back to university in a couple of weeks.

the squirtus (a formerly avid opponent of coffee) came back from her summer project with a liking for frappucinos -- not really coffee, but a decided step in that direction. if i recall correctly, i started drinking coffee around age 20 as well...something about my taste buds changing and preferring the bitter taste to the sickly sweet. and so that change in her, along with the serious lines (which we jokingly said start appearing once you're 20) that her forehead is foreshadowing, is making my denial of my own age a little harder. of course the fact that there is currently a stuffed penguin living in my purse helps a little...
Monday, August 11, 2003

it's funny how some habits survive transition, and some seem to get lost (like my address book) in the move. posting seems to be of the latter sort. and so a short summation of the past month and a half...

i've moved back to florida for a bit since my job ended, and i'm on the lookout for the next step in the puzzle that will be my career. it's good to catch up with people that i'd lost touch with, but a little disconcerting to be in the town i grew up in with an entirely different outlook. mom spent a week in the hospital, but is now back home and working on getting back to 'normal'. and the squirtus has come home from her summer beach project for a few weeks until she goes back to school...which means that all the mess in the living room isn't entirely my fault. :)

i'm missing north carolina a little bit right now...mostly the people, but also the ability to sit outside for five minutes without becoming drenched with sweat or (more importantly) sucked dry by mosquitoes. but perhaps also because when i was living there, i sort of knew what i was doing. here, things are different. possibilities are open, sure, but i'm not sure which ones i want to devote my time to. i suppose that's a universal issue for everyone at some point. wish me luck...


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