Tuesday, March 11, 2003

well, i finally got the dose of florida sunshine that i was craving. my body needed vitamin d so badly! and now i can make it through the last couple of weeks of winter without succumbing to those evil forces that come in the form of cold and gray to weigh upon my inner being.

my trip to chapel hill last weekend was lovely, and i got in some much needed fun and catching up with friends, including alex, betsy, and clark. there was much time spent in coffee shops, and i managed to refrain from buying too many used books and cd's. and the bachelorette...i hadn't seen any of the season, but we watched the last episode, and i must say that i'm glad i hadn't been watching all along. i got so emotionally involved in this one episode, and the last thing i needed was to get addicted to ANOTHER television show. embarassing ;)

i found a baseball on our porch, and have recruited it for use in the exhibit i'm putting together this week on baseball at davidson. the most interesting fact might be that the students started playing baseball in town after the civil war. it seems that many of the soldiers had learned to play while in union prison camps and had brought the game home with them. how's that for social history?
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